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Patrick G. McGee

"It's What's In The G"

News & Updates

May 20, 2019

Filming with Rocket Media Group

Patrick booked an Industrial through Carlyn Davis Casting and filmed the role of a Floor Manager for an Industrial that was based on a game show. 

October 13, 2018

DC 48 Hour SciFi Film Festival

Patrick filmed the role of Joe in the short film, The Nosey Neighbor.  The film won the award for Best Scream.

#BraveSpace at the NYU Forum on Ethnodrama: The Aesthetics of Research and Playmaking

Along side his research team and actors, Patrick will perform several adult roles in this theatrical piece that developed out of the research conducted at The City College of New York, CUNY. #BraveSpace highlights how a youth theatre program impacted the cultivation of identity for three students, Devin, an autistic/non-verbal male student, Oliver, a 14-year-old high school freshman who identifies as agender, and Gabby, a queer female and a senior in high school. The session will include an artistic sharing of the developed piece followed by an open dialogue about identity and what this means for educators, researchers, and artists. Participants will begin the important dialogue about how educators and artists can transition their own classrooms and spaces into a brave space for all students to take risks both inside and outside of the artistic rehearsal space.

May 19, 2016


Patrick will be originating the role of Devin, a non-verbal autistic student, in the original theatrical piece, ‪#‎BraveSpace‬ on Thursday, May 19  at Aaron Davis Hall in NYC. Through his own research work along with his research team and the guidance of Amanda Gronich of The Tectonic Theater Project, this play uses original interview material to explore how theatre impacts youth identity for youth with disabilities, LGB youth, and youth that question their assigned gender.

March 13, 2016

Spring 2016: Creating A New Piece of Theatre Based on Graduate Research

As part of his graduate studies at The City College of New York, Patrick is currently conducting research on theater and youth identity.  With the work of his research group and the guidance of Amanda Gronich of The Tectonic Theater Project, he will create a new one act play based on the research conducted.  The piece is set to debut in NYC in May 2016 at Aaron Davis Hall.

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